Sunday, May 15, 2016

Ecorace Challenge: Day 2

We were preparing diligently and worrying a lot about the second day of the competition - endurance challenge. We had to show that Galena can do what it was designed for - carry the cargo along the inlands waterways. We we lucky to have the opportunity to carry not only "dead" weight, but also passangers - members of the International Cargo Team as a passengers. We would like to thank our fellow team for their help - they supported us a lot during the endurance test.

We anxiously waited for the announcement of the decision of the jury in the afternoon - our boat didn't show it's best during the first day of the competition on one hand, on the other hand, other teams presented very interesting and innovative solutions. Decision of the jury made our hearts beat twice as fast - Our Team and Gelana were recognized as the Most Innovative Team and All-Round winner of the Ecorace Challenge Competition in the cargo category!

Without support of our Coach and our Partners - GALENA, GSA, HELILEO, Septentio, Nanotec, National Instruments, Vario Drive, Vink, Bohez, Fencom - we would not be able to achieve such a high result and we would like to thank them for all their help throughout the project!

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