About Us

KU Leuven Ecorace Challenge Team consists of nine Master Students from KU Leuven – Group T. Our goal is to improve the boat, which was recognized as the Most Innovative Vessel at the Ecorace Challenge Competition in 2015, and present it at the 2016 competition. The planned improvements focus on

üautonomous sailing, without human involvement;
üintroducing the new bow propulsion system to improve the boat’s maneuvering characteristics;
üinnovative drive train solution to provide higher efficiency and autonomy of the boat.

The success of our project is dependent not only on the proposed theoretic solutions, but also on their implementation. This is not possible without the support of organizations and private sponsors. We have been fortunate in past years to have the support from organizations like yours and we are hopeful that this year will be no exception.

Being part of the KU Leuven puts us in a unique position in the research field, which allows us to innovate without limits. We want not only to execute the daily tasks, but also make an impact on the future of the industry we belong to. The main reasons for us to accept this challenge is that each of us individually and as a group are eager to contribute to sustainable development of inland transportation. We want to  apply the knowledge and skills we gained throughout our studies to the real-life project and develop a tangible and sustainable solution based on our theoretical research.

Through participation in the Ecorace Challenge 2016 we would like to support waterway navigation, which plays a major role in the European transportation system, shipping and logistics industries. Moreover we would like to help preserve the unique ecosystem of the canals and rivers of Belgium and therefore make our contribution to a better future for us and the next generations.

Ecorace Challenge Team
KU Leuven – Group T