Dear Potential Partner,

Through the Partnership with our Team you have the opportunity not only to support the promotion of inland waterways as an interesting mode of transportation in Belgium. In addition your Company will be exposed to the Engineering Students of KU Leuven – Group T and make them aware of the career opportunities available to them. This is the link to the full version of our Partnership Offer.

KU Leuven Ecorace Challenge Team consists of nine Master Students from KU Leuven – Group T. Our goal is to improve the boat, which was recognized as the Most Innovative Vessel at the Ecorace Challenge Competition in 2015, and present it at the 2016 competition. The planned improvements focus on

ü     autonomous sailing, without human involvement;
ü introducing the new bow propulsion system to improve the boat’s maneuvering characteristics;
ü     innovative drive train solution to provide higher efficiency and autonomy of the boat.

The success of our project is dependent not only on the proposed theoretic solutions, but also on their implementation. This is not possible without the support of organizations and private sponsors. We have been fortunate in past years to have the support from organizations like yours and we are hopeful that this year will be no exception.

As our Partner, you will receive positive attention and opportunity to share information regarding your company through our website and Facebook page. During the Ecorace Challenge Competition your Company will receive wide exposure. If you are interested in details of our Partnership Offer, please fill out the Contact Form on our web site and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Ecorace Challenge Team

KU Leuven – Group T