The Team

We specialize both in Engineering and Business fields at Group T. In order to foster creativity and synergy in our Team we avoid a firm hierarchical structure and rely heavily on the atmosphere of mutual support and openness inside the Team. In other words, the contribution of each of the Team Members to all the tasks within the scope of the project is welcome and expected. In pursuit of the best result we organized our work in the following manner:

ü  Autonomous Sailing Team’s main area of effort is to equip the boat with digitalized
     controls, which will allow remote sailing. In addition to that, the boat will be equipped with the short-range sensors to provide a virtual bumper as well as long-range sensors to analyze the environment. On top of that the system will be expanded with the rules of the waterways and a pathfinding algorithm, which would allow fully autonomous sailing.

ü  Bow Propulsion Team’s primary objective is to introduce innovative bow propulsion system, which will provide the following benefits:
o    It will help the captain of the boat to leave the dockyard.
o    The new system will improve tight spot maneuvering and increase the ease of taking turns in tighter canals.
o    Implementing bow propulsion will increase the stability of the current boat.

ü  Drivetrain Solution Team set a goal to implement an innovative type of the drivetrain system, which will provide higher efficiency and autonomy of the vessel.

ü   Business Development Team is responsible for the Business Plan development that is aimed to outline innovative techniques and materials used during the course of the project and explain their benefit for the inland waterway navigation, and preparation of the Team’s presentation during the competition.

ü  The Project Manager is focused on coordinating work within the Team, tracking and reporting the project status, ensuring quality of communications within the Team and with the external and internal stakeholders and overseeing the Team finance. Other tasks, essential for the organization of work and Public Relations activities fall under the Team Leader’s responsibility as well.

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