Ecorace Challenge 2015

From 8 to 10 May 2015, the second edition of the Ecorace Challenge on the Canal to Beverlo took place. Six student teams, of which one static, accepted the challenge and developed an innovative and powerful vessel with an alternative propulsion. Two teams of KU Leuven were all-round winners of both categories, cargo and no-cargo, and won 3,000 euros. One of them, the EcoChallenge team with their vessel "Haldis Cargo", got another extra 2,000 euros with the price of most innovative vessel. All the other teams received a motivation price. 
Results second edition Ecorace Challenge:
  • All-round winner category cargo: KU Leuven Ecochallenge Team
  • All-round winner category no-cargo: KU Leuven e-boat Team
  • Most innovative vessel: KU Leuven Ecochallenge Team
The EcoChallenge team last year put significant effort in designing a casco, improvement of the powertrain, design and creation of the flexible cargo hold and wheel-based steering system. This year we'll continue their work focus on the improvement of the characteristics of the "Haldis Cargo" vessel.

More information about the Ecorace Challenge Competition 2015 you can find of the official website of the competition: In addition to that you can check out the blog posts from EcoChallenge Team 2015 in blog to see how the actual boat construction went!

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